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Blog ini secara khususnya adalah untuk saya me'review' buku-buku koleksi saya.Novel-novel Melayu dan English.Segala maklumat tentang buku-buku ini turut dipaparkan supaya senang untuk sesiapa yang berminat membeli buku-buku tersebut mencarinya di pasaran.Saya juga berharap agar blog saya ini dapat membantu peminat-peminat buku mendapat maklumat dan idea tentang sesuatu buku sebelum membelinya.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Apa yang saya review???

One of my friend who has visited my blog told me or should i say, condemned me in a positive light. She, in a way, trying not to be too sarcastic though she failed to do so, had asked me the reason why i gave a review that didnt help her to know the plot of a particular novel.

as far as she concerned,she wanted a review that can help her to buy a good book and i've failed to fulfill her intention.

and to let her know, I a more interested to see how each novelist execute their idea into words.how they build the wataks. And how they present their work to the reader.whether they can use words as a tool to make reader comprehend and read along their ideas well.whether it's complex or santai is not an issue. From here, I can evaluate using my own faculty with my own judgment-whether the novelist is competent enough or not.-my own perspective.nevertheless, I bear in my mind, some of the novelist I review are freshies, so I allow myself a buffer to be linient.

to me, this is an element that i really interested in. i have read so many novels and currently at a stage where i want to analyze the novels not in an ordinary way but in a way that a scholar(if there is one and I'm not good enough to be considered as that) reviews it.

and obviously, the reason why i make a segment that show back cover synopsis or blurp-to help people to know the plot of the novels.

to her-who-must-not-be named, please excuse my words of sarcasm,if there is one, due to me being an ignorant lot. ;)

let cherish our hobby of reading novels.be it a strenght to strenghten our frenship. let us make ourselves accept any differences(ideas) that arise so often.
ie ku minat ct,ko minat nc-but what the heck right???


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